About Them Shoes

Featuring Hugh Lynch, Will Flittner, Andy Johnson, Gen Ellis and Matt Furness

We were a five piece band based in Norfolk who enjoyed playing music for head, heart and ears – maybe the hips, too! Reflecting the music we liked – from contemporary Rock to Blues to Soul, the set list will – we hope – have reached a whole lot of people with different tastes by delivering 28 well-rehearsed gigs during 2013 and 2014. See how Hugh looks back on his time in Shoes, and read his report from when we were the final band to perform at The Appleyard Fayre in Banham in 2013 by clicking here.

Take a listen to our live recording of a song, called ‘Smokescreen’ written by Hugh and his good friend Dave Gray, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we will still put things on there from time to time.

Listen to Smokescreen:

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