Appleyard Fayre 2013, Hugh’s view


… and then the heavens decided to open!

Appleyard FayreI thought I would write a few words about the great time the band had playing at the Appleyard Fayre on 27th July.

Although the event is not a ‘music’ festival as such, the soloists and bands that play there help give it the flavour it has developed over its 8-year existence, raising money for local charities.

After a day of music of all kinds, the heavens decided to open and threaten their worst as Twisted Piglet’s set came to a close and The Shoes were about to take the stage. But the Banham music fans are made of sturdier – and waterproof – stuff, still determined to have a great time singing and dancing in the rain (maybe an idea for a song there?!)

The Shoes chose a set which was, as the label says, suitable for feet and ears, and voices too apparently, as the crowd sang along to ‘Teenagers’ and ‘Holiday’ with an energy hitherto unknown in this area! Despite setlists getting lost somewhere in cyberspace, the band forged ahead and fans of ALL ages and denominations were fired up and, after the gig, came up and said how much they enjoyed the set!


Banham is a special place to this band – can’t wait for the next gig there, come December, – and never more so than on this hot, rainy night when the crowd encouraged the band to give its all.



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