Hugh Lynch

Hugh Lynch was the lead vocalist in About Them Shoes.

Hugh grew up in Liverpool during the ‘Merseybeat’ era and was inspired to form his first band in 1963, playing mainly the rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues standards popular at the time. Since that time, Hugh has not only sung in a variety of bands but also written and directed musical theatre pieces in collaboration with fellow musicians, particularly guitarist/songwriter Dave Gray of ‘New Frontier’ and other ensembles.

Since moving to Norfolk in 1987, Hugh has led a number of bands – ‘Ed Fox’, ‘Nightworks’, ‘Undercover’ among them – and guested with Lee Vasey Band at the Brickmakers pub and the Cromer Blues Festival.

Again, in ABOUT THEM SHOES, Hugh had a mix of ‘veteran’ and young players, preferring the fresh energy of a mix of attitudes and ages in a band.

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